Brazosport Teachers FCU to Merge with Space City Credit Union

Brazosport Teachers FCU Members ~

Say Hello to our Friends at Space City!

The Boards of Directors and Management Teams of Brazosport Teachers FCU (BTFCU) and
Space City Credit Unions are excited to announce the opportunity to combine forces as one
organization. The result – we’ll both be stronger and better positioned to serve our members for
generations to come.

The National Credit Union Administration and the Texas Credit Union Department have reviewed
and approved the proposed merger, subject to the vote of BTFCU’s membership. We’ll still be the same member-owned credit union you originally joined. The only immediate difference will be that we’ll be known as a division of Space City Credit Union. Meanwhile, our team will be the same and our elected board members will retain their board positions. Plus, your day-to-day services will see no interruption and we plan on preserving our rich history.

As time goes on, we will be able to leverage our combined strength to introduce better technology
and enhanced services for all members.

Some of these improvements include:

• 2 additional owned branch locations
• Increased Share Insurance from $250,000 to $500,000 per account
• Access to 5,000+ shared branches, means you have more direct access to your money than
most traditional bank customers do
• Enhanced Mobile Banking
• Enhanced Information Technology Security
• Expanded Mortgage options

Recently we sent a letter to each member that includes the Notice of Special Meeting for the merger
vote. We encourage you to attend the Special Meeting and vote on the proposed merger. However,
if you cannot attend the meeting, please complete the Ballot enclosed in the letter and return it by
mail or deliver it to our Credit Union headquarters located 216 Lakeview Drive, Clute, TX 77531.

We hope you, like the BTFCU Board of Directors, will support this proposed merger opportunity.
We look forward to a successful vote and stronger future together!

Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions