Get the short-term cash you need when you need it most. Easy approval terms. Easy payments.
Our promotional loans come around 3 times a year to help you out in the tough financial seasons you need them most. A better & more affordable solution to alternative payday lenders.


  • Spring Loan – Available Feb-Apr.*
  • Back to School Loan – Available Jun-Aug.*
  • Christmas Loan – Available Nov-Dec.*

*Dates may vary. Check newsletter or contact credit union for exact dates.


  • Get up to $2,000¹
  • 6-12 month terms
  • Fixed Rate for all borrowers²
  • Direct Deposit Required³
  • Relaxed approval terms
  • Easy payment terms—setup weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly automatic payments.

¹Credit limit varies based on promotional loan type. ²Subject to credit approval. All borrowers receive same fixed rate for promotional loans. ³Direct deposit required with automatic transfer to loan payment. All loans subject to overall credit approval. Other terms & conditions may apply. Please check with credit union for more details.