On April 27, 2022, members of Brazosport Teachers FCU voted to approve a proposed merger with Space City Credit Union. The combination of the two credit unions will create an $163M credit union with branches in Houston, La Porte, and Clute, Texas, serving nearly 13,000 members.

Effective May 1st, the combined entity will operate under the Space City Credit Union name with BTFCU operating as a division of Space City until the scheduled systems merger in August of 2022.

In addition to its branches in Clute, La Porte, and Houston, Texas, Space City brings over 5,000 nationwide shared branching locations to the members of BTFCU. The CU Shared Branching System, which is the third largest brick and mortar branch network in the country, includes over 80 branches in and around Brazoria and Harris counties. “Access will not be an issue for current or future members!” said Donna Butterfras, current President/CEO of BTFCU.

The member vote was a crucial step in the merger approval process which both boards announced earlier this year, and state and federal regulators later approved. “Brazosport Teachers FCU members won’t see any changes to their accounts until the two institutions’ systems are merged in August”, said Butterfras, who will remain with the credit union as the Chief Financial Officer. Craig Rohden, Space City’s current CEO since 1994, will remain the organizations President and CEO.

Butterfras added, “Our members will enjoy the security and expanded services this merger will provide while retaining the service and commitment levels they have come to rely on. Our employees will have more opportunity to serve, grow, and promote by virtue of a larger organization. And our long history of community involvement and charitable giving will continue as both organizations share the same philosophy of giving back to the communities we serve”.

Rohden commented, “We’re all very excited about the merger with BTFCU. Our economy of scale is increasing, and this will allow us additional resources to not only survive, but truly compete in a very competitive market. Our mission is to “go above and beyond” for our members, and we’re looking forward to doing just that for our new BTFCU members.” For more information on Space City CU visit their web site at www.SpaceCityCU.com.

Merger Questions and Answers

Will my account number change?

Most members will keep your same account number. A few members’ number will change due to duplication of existing numbers. We will contact those few members whose account number will change.

Will my BTFCU debit card still work after the merger?

No, debit card holders will receive a new Space City EMV Chip debit card prior to the live date of August 2, 2022. The BTFCU office and member access will be closed on August 1st to convert your data. Your old card will work through July 31st. Your new Space City card will work on August 2nd . You will not have debit card access on August 1st. When you receive your new debit card, you may activate it, but it will not be live until August 2nd. Please destroy your old card once you receive your new card.

Will my BTFCU checks still be good?

Yes, but we will be issuing new Space City checks to you with your new routing number and we encourage you to stop using your old checks and start using your new checks.

What about ACH / Direct Deposit that I may currently have set up?

Your existing ACH / Direct Deposit will still work. But we will be migrating you to a new Space City CU routing number on August 2nd. Where you have third party vendor automatic deductions, you will need to change your ACH payment instructions to your new Space City routing number at your earliest convenience. We will accommodate your existing ACH transactions while we work with you to update your account information. Eventually, your old BTFCU routing number will be phased out.

Will my BTFCU Credit Card still work?

Yes, your BTFCU Credit Card will still work. Before the end of the year we will issue you a new Space City credit card. Until then, your BTFCU credit card will work. More information will be communicated with you in the near future about when you will receive a new credit card.

What about my BTFCU account statement?

Your July member account statement with BTFCU (received in August) will be the last statement you will receive from BTFCU. Your year to date dividends will be rolled over to your new account. Space City CU will pick up the new balances as of August 1st and you will receive a new Space City CU statement for August 31st. If you sign up for E-statements, your E-statement will be generated and ready for your viewing around September 4rd or 3th. If you receive a paper statement, it will usually arrive before the 10th of the month in regular mail. We recommend signing up for E-statements.

What about my home banking/bill payment access?

You will need to establish a new home banking/bill payment access with Space City CU. Due to security, we cannot transfer your current log in IDs or passwords. Space City CU has a robust home and mobile banking platform and we highly encourage you to take advantage of the service. On August 2nd you may go to www.SpaceCityCU.com to sign up.

Do you have a different fee schedule/structure than BTFCU?

Yes, click here to see a copy of your new fee schedule. There are certain things you must do to avoid a fee on your savings or checking account. See the fee disclosure to find out how easy it is to avoid the fees.

Will I still be able to use the 213 Lakeview Drive, Clute TX 77531 Branch?

Yes, the Clute branch will be open for business as usual.